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How to make money as an Amazon affiliate in 2024 

Linda Heidi


In this world where inflation is rising every other day, every person is thinking of ways to generate passive income. Think about something like a business concept that generates income passively, without the need for inventories or initial investments. What kind of model would that be? Have you ever heard someone say you “make money as an Amazon affiliate”? 

We’re referring to the Amazon Associates program, the pinnacle of retail corporations, and it’s the perfect side hustle! Isn’t it? Here, you have to promote other products and get a commission in return. 

And  you know what? You don’t need a PhD in tech to start it. There’s no need to go over budget or worry about having enough inventory. Amazon makes it easy to enter the affiliate marketing sector with its user-friendly link-building tools. It’s just effort that’s needed along the whole process. You may begin to wonder whether something is missing because it is so simple!

So, let’s get started to see how it works in 2024.

What is an Amazon affiliate program?

Have an engaged audience on social media, a blog, or a YouTube channel? 

Just by suggesting products you love, you can earn money through the Amazon affiliate program.

Consider wwd.com, which I discovered when searching for “best rugs” on Google. Throughout the blog, they included links to where readers could purchase almost 15 rugs they reviewed.

What is Amazon affiliate marketing and how to make money as an Amazon affiliate?

You can visit Amazon by clicking on those links. In the event that you do decide to purchase that rug, wwd will receive a commission at that time.

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, WWD may receive an affiliate commission.’ They put it plainly at the top of the blog. Not only is it the morally right thing to do, but Amazon also demands it. 

You got to play by the rules – because in this digital jungle, even the online giants want you to shout, ‘I may earn if you click!’ It’s like the Internet’s version of ‘Knock, knock. Who’s there? Transparency!

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Real Life examples – Do people actually make money with Amazon affiliates? 

Yes, indeed, people do make huge money as Amazon affiliates.

On different platforms like Reddit and Warrior Forum, I’ve noticed a mix of Amazon affiliates raking in the big bucks and others making a modest sum. The successful ones consistently hit a conversion rate of 7-8%, sometimes more, while the average hovers around 4-5%, and some struggle with as low as 1-2% per month.

real life examples of Amazon affiliates making money


Now, many folks claim Amazon affiliates aren’t worth it anymore due to heightened competition. But interestingly, reviews from affiliates 13 years ago and in 2023 echo the same sentiment. Essentially, success in Amazon affiliates boils down to various factors

  1. The larger your audience across platforms such as your website (related to your niche), TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels, the more traffic you can redirect to Amazon, resulting in higher earnings.
  2. The choice of products, categories, and keywords you target plays a crucial role.
  3. The relevance of the products to your audience is essential. If you have an entertainment niche and target tech products, the conversion rate may plummet.
  4. The more websites and YouTube channels you manage, the better your overall revenue. Those operating diverse niche blogs with substantial traffic report earning 5-6% from each site, leading to significant monthly income.
  5. Targeting categories with high commissions is advisable, although some affiliates suggest that such products may not convert as well. Conversions appear to be higher for lower commissions and smaller products.
  6. Selling products with a higher price point is more lucrative. Selling a $200 product will yield more commission compared to a $15 product.
  7. Your content quality plays a significant role in determining success as an Amazon affiliate.
  8. Whether you’re sending buyers to Amazon or just traffic, it makes a big difference. If the products you’re targeting are connected to your audience, there is higher probability of sending buyers to Amazon.


So, in real life, people are actually making money as Amazon affiliates. If someone isn’t, there might be some aspects where they are falling short. 

And the coolest thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that more and more people are interested in it every day, year after year, as shown in the stats below:

Google trends on Amazon affiliate program


Approaching individuals businesses’ affiliate program in your niche is more effective than trying to acquire a commission from Amazon. Is this true?

Ever heard folks say most affiliates prefer dealing with individual businesses rather than sticking solely to Amazon? It’s not a bad move to diversify and hop on other affiliate program like AdSense, CPA ads, ShareASale, CJ.com, Impact, and ClickBank products while also pushing Amazon goods. Sometimes, it’s a sweet combo for earning.

But, you know, trust can be a slippery slope here. Affiliates that work with individual businesses have raised concerns that commissions are not always paid as promised. They play the waiting game and keep affiliates guessing. But not all affiliates are dodgy. You must keep in mind that the attraction of the Amazon affiliate program differs slightly. 

To this day, it remains the top affiliate program in terms of earnings for all affiliates. 

Statista on how to make money as an Amazon affiliate
Source: Statista

Let me break it down:

  1. Amazon’s great for beginners. Even if your traffic is on the lighter side, you can still jump in.
  2. It’s legit—no scammy vibes here.
  3. On Amazon, an extensive catalogue of sale items is at your fingertips. Finding products that are relevant to your audience becomes easier with millions of products across numerous categories.
  4. The cookies stick around for 24 hours. So, if someone with your cookie buys even the products that you haven’t promoted within that time frame, you’re earning your regular commission. Sweet deal, right?

The beauty of Amazon affiliate marketing


No matter how inclined you are towards particular business affiliate programs, the upsides of becoming an Amazon associate still outweigh them all. 

How does the Amazon affiliate program work? 

Now that your affiliate links are live online. Now what? “How am I supposed to tell when the cash register rings?” you ask.

A magical cookie is placed on the device of the individual who visits Amazon through your affiliate link. It’s the hidden potion that allows Amazon to track things, but it’s not edible.

Now, let’s discuss money. When a customer makes a purchase after clicking on your link, you will receive a commission. No matter what they buy, you’ll still earn a commission if they shop around and complete their purchase.

How to tell what’s cooking in the oven:

Affiliates can take use of Amazon’s neat dashboard. Once you log in, you’ll have access to an abundance of data. A less confusing way of seeing into the matrix. Everything you need to know about clicks, orders, and, most importantly, the money you’re making is right there on the dashboard.

Window shopping isn’t something Amazon will compensate you for, though. This order must be fulfilled. Sorry, but you won’t earn a commission if a customer uses your link to buy something but then abandons their cart without completing the purchase.

Regarding the payment, don’t expect bags of gold from Amazon. Due to the fact that Amazon must deduct your commission in the case of the customer’s return, the processing time for Amazon to deliver you payment is always two months. Therefore, it is an affiliate program that requires patience. 

To sum up, your links are like undercover salesmen. They entice potential customers, drop cookies, and you get paid when they buy. 

How do I sign up for an Amazon affiliate program? 

Following are the steps to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program.

1-Visit the Amazon Associates Website

Jump over to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/, the Amazon Associates page. For starters, you can register by clicking the “sign up” button. 

How to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program

2-Enter Your Account Information

Enter your details, including your account information, the name of the website or app you use, and the mode of payment that you prefer.

Step 2- How to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program


3-Enter Your Website or App Information

Provide details about the website or app where you plan to promote Amazon products. This includes information about your website’s niche, content, and audience.


4-Enter Your Preferred Store ID

Choose a Store ID, which is a unique identifier for your Amazon Associates account. This ID will be used to create your affiliate tracking links.


5-Explain Your Amazon Associates Plan

Discuss your strategy for increasing Amazon product sales and attracting new customers. Provide accurate and truthful information regarding your promotional techniques.


6-Enter Your Phone Number

In order to verify your identity, please provide a working phone number. For security reasons, Amazon may contact you by phone.


7-Wait for Approval

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to wait for Amazon to review and approve your application. This process may take some time, and you’ll receive an email notifying you of the outcome.


8-Access Your Amazon Associates Dashboard

Once approved, you can log in to your Amazon Associates account to access your dashboard. Here, you can generate affiliate links, track your earnings, and access other tools and resources.

Step 3- How to sign up for an Amazon affiliate program


Remember to review and comply with Amazon’s affiliate program policies and guidelines to ensure that you adhere to their terms of service.

How can I create links for the Amazon affiliate program? 

Setting up your Amazon Associates account is just the beginning. The real magic happens when you create those affiliate links. This is the golden ticket—the key to earning commissions. Without it, you’re like a chef without a kitchen.

Once you follow the below process, you will get an Amazon affiliate like this.

Once you’ve successfully logged into your account, bask in the glory of your performance dashboard and earnings overview. It’s like your financial command centre, and you’ll be checking it more often than you check your phone.

Now, the crucial steps for creating that money-making link are:

Method 1 to activate the Amazon affiliate link

Step 1: Navigate to Product Links

Head to the homepage and dive into the Product Linking section. Think of it as your treasure map leading to affiliate gold.

Step 2: Search or Enter ASIN

Decide what you want to promote. Are you into tech gadgets, books, or maybe funky socks? Keyword search or input a specific ASIN—the secret code for each Amazon product.

Step 3: Grab Your Link

Click on “get link”—this is where the magic happens. Choose the type of link that suits your style. Are you a wordsmith? Go for Text and Image. Prefer the minimalist approach? Try Text only or Image only. The power is in your hands.

Step 4: Paste and Prosper

Copy that link like your financial future depends on it (because, well, it kind of does). Now, paste it wherever you’re spreading the Amazon love—your blog, website, social media—the world is your affiliate oyster.

Method 2 to activate the Amazon affiliate link 

Method 2- How to create links for Amazon affiliate program

1-Activate SiteStripe

At the top of the Amazon page, you should see the SiteStripe banner if you are logged in to your Amazon Associates account. If it’s not visible, go to the Amazon Associates homepage, and you’ll find a link to enable SiteStripe.

2-Click on the “Text” option

On the SiteStripe banner, click on the “Text” option. This will generate an affiliate link for the product.

3-Copy the Affiliate Link

After clicking the “Text” option, you’ll see your affiliate link displayed. Click the “Copy” button or manually copy the link. You will even get the image HTML link from the banner as well. 

4-Use the Affiliate Link

Paste the copied affiliate link wherever you want to promote the product, whether it’s on your website, blog, social media, or other platforms.

This method is indeed quicker as it skips some of the customization options. However, it’s important to note that you won’t have as much control over the appearance of the link compared to the detailed method. Always comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines when using affiliate links.

Why don’t most of the Amazon affiliates earn much? 

Why don't most of the Amazon affiliates earn much


Ever wonder why some folks struggle to make a buck as Amazon affiliates? You might have come across these grievances:

  • “I’m dropping links on my site, getting a decent 700 clicks, but the purchases? Only a meagre 5 orders.”
  • “Amazon’s taking orders through my link, but the commission? Nowhere is in sight. There is no record of the order for me either.”


Those complaints sound legit, right? But here’s the scoop – Amazon’s playing hardball these days. You can’t be pulling any sneaky moves because, let’s face it, many Amazon affiliates try bending the rules just to score commissions

Major reasons for No Earnings Commission on Clicks

Here are the reasons why you are not getting paid. 

  1. Customer doesn’t buy: There will be no commission for you if the customer clicks on your link but then decides not to buy anything within 24 hours. Making a purchase is when all the magic happens.
  2. Customer cancels or returns an order: Now we reach the challenging stage. Sad to say, you won’t get a cut of any sales made by customers who click on your links but end up cancelling or returning their purchases. In affiliate marketing, refunds and cancellations are normal for the program.
  3. Amazon doesn’t fulfil the order: Perhaps the item is temporarily out of stock or requires pre-ordering before Amazon can complete the order. If a sale is not finalized, you will not receive any compensation.
  4. Don’t play foul with Amazon: Be wary of the red flags. To start, you shouldn’t buy anything using your affiliate links or utilize them to get discounts for your friends and relatives. The point of becoming an associate with Amazon is to promote their products to other people, not just yourself. Keep in mind that Amazon may not take lenient punishments lightly if you violate their policies. Affiliates are closely monitored, and violations may result in the termination of your affiliate account.

These are the major reasons that almost all the Amazon affiliates on and off violate the rules but keep claiming even after breaking the rules. 

Minor reasons for No Earnings Commission on Clicks

There could be several other reasons why you’re not raking in the cash. It might be due to improperly formatted links, promoting products that aren’t part of the affiliate program, having expired or inactive affiliate accounts, encountering ad blockers or browser extensions, or even using URL shorteners. 

Additionally, consider the possibility of Amazon running tests on your affiliate account, which could affect your earnings. If you’re wondering why those commission dollars aren’t flowing in,

these are small hitches that you should address promptly. 

Is it a good idea to become an Amazon affiliate? 

If you ask around about jumping on the Amazon affiliate bandwagon, you’re bound to get a mix of opinions. Check this out.

diverse opinion about how to make money as an Amazon affiliate


On one side, you’ve got someone grinning ear to ear, considering Amazon affiliates the holy grail. On the flip side, there’s another person giving it the stink eye, thinking it’s the worst move ever. People’s opinions are like a puzzle, leaving you in a swirl of mixed thoughts.

As mentioned earlier, your success as an Amazon affiliate boils down to you – doing things right. It’s about having a sweet spot with good traffic, hitting the right audience with the right products, top-notch content quality, and all that jazz.

It’s a game of effort. Ever wonder why influencers swim in affiliate earnings? Yup, you guessed it—their hustle. Having ten solid sites will likely bag more affiliate cash than someone with just one. So, if you’ve got a killer site, a buzzing social media channel, or a YouTube channel rocking good traffic, it’s not just about earning; it’s about raking in some serious dough.

Keep hustling on your sites and niches, expand ’em, draw more traffic, hitch a ride on other affiliates alongside Amazon, and once things kick into high gear, put it on autopilot and watch that sweet passive income roll in. Easy peasy, right?

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to join an Amazon associate program. 

How do I make money as an Amazon affiliate – An easy way

Make money as an Amazon affiliate

The hard part for most people is: how could I get started with earning an Amazon affiliate? Because signing up for the account is not the hard thing, the hard things are as follows:

  1. On which platform should I start bringing traffic—YouTube, a website, or any other platform?
  2. What type of niche should I target? 
  3. What type of products should I start targeting? 
  4. How could I get the audience interested in my content? 

The easy way is to start a site because handling YouTube channels or other social media platforms is quite different. So, let’s discuss how to become an Amazon affiliate with the site.

1. Finding a High Demand Niche: Because Not All Niches Are Created Equal!

Choosing a specific niche for your Amazon affiliate journey is like picking the right flavor of ice cream – it’s crucial. Why? Well, imagine trying to sell snow boots in the Bahamas. Not the best plan, right? You want a niche with hungry buyers, not crickets.

Why Niche Matters:

  • Focusing on a niche lets you become an expert. People trust experts, not jacks-of-all-trades.
  • It helps you tailor your content to a specific audience, increasing your chances of making sales.
  • Amazon loves focused affiliates – they reward you for sending them ready-to-buy customers.

Validating Demand:

  • Check out Google Trends – if your niche is trending upwards, you’ve struck gold.
  • Dive into forums, social media groups, and online communities to see what people are buzzing about.
  • Spy on your competitors (not literally, just their strategies). If they’re doing well, there’s likely demand.

Remember, the goal is to find a niche where people are reaching for their wallets, not just scrolling past.

2. Picking the Right Products: Because Not All Amazon Goodies Are Gold!

Not all products are affiliate goldmines. You don’t want to be the person promoting unsellable pogo sticks, right? Here’s the lowdown on choosing the right stuff:

Criteria for Affiliate-Worthy Products:

  • Relevance: Your products should be relevant to your niche. Don’t sell cat food in a fitness blog (unless it’s a really fit cat).
  • Good Commissions: Choose products with decent commission rates. You’re not doing this for pocket change.
  • Quality Matters: Promote products with positive reviews – nobody wants a lemon.

Commission of the Amazon affiliate products

Pick products that your audience will swoon over and ones that won’t have them chasing you with pitchforks.

Feel troubled finding a good product? Read related blogs!!

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3. Generating Interest: Because Your Site Shouldn’t Be a Deserted Island!

Alright, you’ve got your niche, you’ve picked your products, and now how do you make your site the cool kid on the internet block?

Ranking the Site

  • Use SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. They’re like the secret sauce to make your site pop up when people search for related stuff.
  • Sprinkle keywords naturally. Don’t keyword-stuff like a Thanksgiving turkey; Google hates that.
  • Get backlinks – it’s like having your friends vouch for you at that party.

Honing Your Content

  • Make it engaging! People should be hooked from the first sentence, like a catchy theme song.
  • Use visuals – nobody wants to read a novel on the internet. Add some gifs, memes, or cat videos (if they fit).
  • Write 2,000-word or longer “main articles” (that aim to convert users).
  • Come up with 1,000-word articles to back your main points.
  • Get 30–40 articles out there as quickly as you can.

Funny Touch

  • Remember, writing content is like telling a joke – timing is everything. Make ’em laugh, make ’em buy.
  • Treat your website like a quirky friend. Nobody likes a boring buddy; the same goes for websites.

In the vast sea of the internet, you want your site to be the party everyone wants an invite to, not the awkward family reunion nobody talks about.

Become an Amazon affiliate today 

Become an Amazon affiliate today

After reading this, you should be able to use the Amazon affiliate program to develop a successful business.

Making money with Amazon Associates is really quite simple.

Offer valuable material, use search engine optimization to draw in people, and monetize using Amazon affiliate links; that’s the winning recipe.

The next step is to explore additional monetization strategies that can enhance Amazon Associates.

If someone tells you otherwise, run the other way. There are no easy ways out of this jam.

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining an affiliate website for Amazon. The automation part comes very late in the journey, where passive income starts coming in with less effort. A lot of people won’t do it because they are very lazy. The thought of learning digital marketing makes them want to binge-watch Netflix instead.

I would advise you to begin if you are the type of person who is hell-bent on succeeding.

There is no such thing as an easy first step.

If you’ve begun making money from your affiliate items, please share your experience with us in the comments!

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