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Most popular Amazon items to sell for substantial profit in 2024

Most popular Amazon items to sell for substantial profit in 2023
Linda Heidi


The question “What are the popular Amazon items to sell?” is a challenge for both experienced and novice Amazon sellers. 

There is an entire process of product searching to locate the best items to sell on Amazon, and sometimes you spend a lot of time on a single popular item in a specific category on Amazon before dumping it because it doesn’t meet the ideal criteria for selling on Amazon. 

It exemplifies how challenging a procedure is. If you rush into the Amazon marketplace without doing so, you will fall flat. 

So, let’s work out the details: where to look for the category, how to determine the best category in which to sell, and how to find the most in-demand products to offer on Amazon.

Let’s go into greater detail. 

How can I identify which product category will yield the highest return?

There are about 25 primary categories on Amazon, each of which is further divided into about 25,000 additional categories. It turns out that some categories sell better than others. Sales in certain categories are gated and require authorization. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that exploring the categories is just as valuable as browsing the products themselves. Therefore, you cannot determine which category can sell your item best by merely glancing at the statistics displayed below or reviewing the fee conditions of each category.

Statista Survey - popular Amazon Products to sell

If you look at the success stories of other Amazon sellers, you will see that the majority of them fall under one of the above profitable product categories. Even at eComFist, the home and kitchen category, which is the top category based on the statistics above, experiences the most profitable launches of products. According to the data below, however, “Groceries” is the category leader, while on the first chart, this category is at the bottom. 

Thus, it is conditional and subject to change. 

Top product categories to choose popular Amazon product to sell

However, Amazon sellers can be found in every other section. Some of them succeed, while others fail. However, the following is reflective of Q1 2023 customer behavior across all product categories:

Successful product categories in 2024 where customers are spending more

  1. Groceries
  2. Cleaning Supplies
  3. Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Successful product categories in 2024 where customers are spending less

  1. Home and Kitchen
  2. Electronics
  3. Clothing

Successful and unsuccessful product categories to find popular Amazon products to sell

Statistics from the first quarter of 2023’s edition of Jungle Scout’s consumer trend report might help you select the best product category in which you can excel.


Ultimately, market trends, competition, demand, and a seller’s unique selling strategy all play a role in determining which Amazon product category is the most profitable. However, Amazon’s history shows that certain product categories can be quite profitable. The right products, well-executed marketing, and satisfied customers are the three pillars upon which an Amazon business may stand and grow.

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Choose a category that interests you

So, you have various sets of categories. Let’s say 14 of them are profitable categories. They have the potential to be subdivided into anywhere from 1,200 to 10,000 distinct categories. It’s a major pain to decide between them again, huh? 

But I suggest choosing a category and subcategory that can best hold your interest and attention. Since you will be putting a lot of effort into things like market research, product differentiation, product design ideation and development, product launch, listing optimization, Amazon advertising, and so on, Thus, if the product is in your best interests, you will love doing it. 

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Case Study: Best interest category success

Let’s use Tom and Joanne as a case study of successful Amazon sellers; they currently have 500 of the site’s best-selling items. Until recently, Joanne worked as a woodworker, creating a variety of bamboo-based items. Their bamboo cutting board quickly became a bestseller in stores and then on Amazon. Now, 500 of their most popular and well-received bamboo items have been sold because of their dedication to the craft. 

Joanne’s love for creating items out of wood inspired incredible designs, materials, and ideas that propelled their business to the top of Amazon. Such sort of case study is everywhere where just selecting the best category of interest leads the sellers to success. 

Bamboo wood products

How do I find the most popular Amazon items to sell?

Let’s speak about the criteria you need to follow for hunting the product before we move on to figuring out what the “most popular items to sell” are. 

Criteria to find the popular Amazon items to sell

  • 7 top-20 sellers have less than 400 reviews.
  • 7 top-20 sellers make over $7000
  • Competitors ought to cost $14.99–$39.99.
  • Top 20 sellers with most reviews must maintain BSR.
  • Minimum precise search volume 8000
  • No more than three brand-specific sellers
  • Product shouldn’t be trendy
  • Product shouldn’t be seasonal 
  • Offer a low-price volume as value. 
  • Top 20 ratings should be at least 4.2.
  • Competing products cannot exceed 2000.
  • Maximum product weight is 1.5kg.
  • Amazon should not be among the top 20 more than 5 times.

Let me make one very important point clear.

Selling popular items on Amazon ≠  Popularity, Trendiness 

Despite what you may have heard, “selling popular items on Amazon” does not equate to selling products that are currently trendy or that everyone is talking about. Such products cannot be profitable at all because of the following reasons:

Fierce Competition

Intense competition from other sellers is to be expected when selling a highly sought-after item on Amazon, making it difficult to rise to the top of search results.

Price Wars

When there are plenty of sellers offering the same popular item, customers have a greater selection to choose from, but sellers’ profit margins inevitably become squeezed.

Counterfeit Concerns

Counterfeiters often go after popular items, which can hurt both the seller’s image and the customers’ trust. It takes extra work to fight against fakes and tell them apart from the real thing.

Fluctuating Demand

Unpredictable trends and the rapid decline in demand for a once-popular product might pose serious inventory management and financial issues.

Evolving Trends

Products that are popular at the moment have a shorter shelf life than those that aren’t, and customers’ tastes might vary quickly, necessitating regular adjustments and new releases.

Because of all of these things, the above criteria were given after a lot of digging into what works best for Amazon sellers and brand builders. 

How to use the criteria to find popular items to sell on Amazon?

Of course, you can do it manually. However, it makes no sense to manually apply all of the criteria. You’ll eventually run out of steam. This is why it’s important to use tools like AmazonScout, JungleScout, or Helium 10. 

Let’s utilize the strength of Helium 10!

1-Apply half of the criteria to Helium 10 Black Box 

To discover the best product to sell on Amazon, we use the Helium 10 Black Box and apply half of the criteria. You can use it to research markets, keywords, and competitors. The more strict the criteria, the less useful the results; thus, it’s vital to avoid applying all of them at once. 

Applying filter to find the popular Amazon products to sell in 2023

You just got your hands on 200 items that meet your criteria. Dig into the goods one by one. If a product fails to meet any of the criteria, it must be thrown away. Select 20–30 products that meet at least half of the criteria, and then proceed to the next phase. 

Products come after applying filter

2-Check the other half criteria (BSR, trend, seasonality…)

BSR evaluation for stability, trend analysis and seasonality to find the popular Amazon products to sell

BSR Analysis

  • To find the BSR data, look under the details section of the product listing.
  • The BSR is usually presented as a number that reflects the product’s standing within its market segment. Sales and popularity rise as the numbers get smaller.

Trend Analysis

  • Keep an eye on the product’s BSR over time to see how sales are doing. time it for 90 days to 1 year.
  • With the help of past BSR data and graphs, you can see how a product has done over time.
  • Determine if there is a rising, holding, or falling trend in BSR. Positive or stable trends are encouraging, while falling ones should raise red flags.

Seasonality Analysis

  • The seasonality of a product can be assessed by tracking how the BSR changes over time, paying close attention to any spikes that occur around key holidays, events, or seasons.
  • Determine when sales are at their highest and whether or not these high points occur at regular intervals throughout the year.
  • You should also learn the seasonal performance of comparable products within the same category.

Now the second phase of finding popular items to sell on Amazon has been completed. It’s time to move on to the third phase.

3-Final Product Analysis

After checking off the boxes for the above-mentioned item selection criteria, it’s time to get into the more minute details. And usually, errors show up in the last stage of analysis, forcing you to throw the product away. Therefore, provide a comprehensive assessment so that you may make intelligent decisions about your product. 

  1. Market Demand
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Profit Margin
  4. Product Differentiation
  5. Target Audience
  6. Product Size and Weight
  7. Fulfillment and Shipping Considerations
  8. Supplier and Manufacturing Reliability
  9. Product listing optimization
  10. Intellectual Property Rights
  11. Product Reviews and Ratings
  12. Return and Refund Policies
  13. Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  14. Trend Analysis
  15. Seasonality
  16. Selling Price and Price History
  17. Availability of Product Variation
  18. Potential for Upselling and Cross-selling
  19. Branding and Packaging Opportunities
  20. Compatibility with Amazon Policies and Guidelines
  21. Personal Interest and Passion for the Product

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Stats are your best friend

It’s not a bad idea to start by exploring the best-selling items. However, it is not the only option. Keep in mind that the best-selling items on Amazon are usually well-liked by both Amazon customers and Amazon sellers. Finding products with little competition requires more than just looking at what’s selling well. Looking at best-sellers, though, will give you a sense of what kinds of things are hot, and it may take you down fascinating avenues of product investigation.

Let us offer our expertise to you in this regard if you’re genuinely interested in locating a product that sells well and offers the potential for long-term profit. Get in touch with us. We are a top-notch full-service Amazon Marketing Agency. we’ll tell you why our thoroughly analyzed solutions are the most lucrative options for your business. 

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