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What does Amazon’s choice mean? Grow your brand with eComFist 

What does Amazon choice means_ Complete detail
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Whenever a client is planning a product launch with us, they usually ask, “Can you get our product an Amazon’s Choice badge?” The question is, as an Amazon agency, what kind of response would we give to such customers? 

This blog will explain what an Amazon Choice Bag is, how to get one for your products, and what the benefits are. Ready to find out “What does Amazon’s choice mean?” in greater detail? 

What does Amazon’s choice mean? 

What does Amazon's choice badge means

When you’re browsing Amazon, do you ever come across a product marked with the phrase “Amazon’s Choice”? Consider it Amazon’s subtle way of saying, “Hey, this product is very awesome. The general public likes it and thinks the price is fair. In addition, we can get it to you quickly.

Technically speaking, Amazon considers factors including user ratings, price, and how often a product may be shipped to determine which ones receive this badge. Simply put, it’s Amazon’s suggestion for what its customers are likely to enjoy.

Just because someone recommends a product doesn’t guarantee it’s the best option available, but it’s like when a friend says, “I’ve heard good things about this one!”

Amazon’s choice badge vs. Best seller badge

You must have seen another badge on the products. It’s an Amazon seller badge. Don’t confuse this badge with Amazon’s choice badge. These badges are granted based on different criteria, but they both serve to demonstrate that the product in question is of excellent quality and is widely used.

The Best Seller badge is awarded to products that sell the most units per hour in their category, while the Amazon Choice badge is used to highlight listings that are the best matches for a specific keyword.

For the most part, Amazon’s Choice products are selected based on long-term sales performance and a few quality checks. Alternatively, the Best Seller label is awarded according to historical sales performance.

Criteria for Gaining the Amazon’s Choice Badge

What makes a product worthy of the “Amazon’s Choice” label? Let’s explore.

Product Popularity and Sales History

If you’ve ever wondered why some products get listed as Amazon’s Choice while others aren’t, you should know that customer demand plays a significant role. A product with a great sales history and a history of strong sales is like a student who continuously earns high grades; eventually, it will be noticed. Likewise, Amazon has faith in what its customers have already proven they want to buy.

Prime Eligibility and Availability

Have you ever needed to make a quick online purchase? Products that qualify for Amazon Prime shipping are treated like A-list celebrities because of their guaranteed fast delivery times and other perks. Having a product that is always accessible for Prime delivery is like guaranteeing Amazon customers that you are always available for a last-minute party invitation, increasing the likelihood that it will be selected as an Amazon’s Choice offering.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Reviews might be viewed as informal suggestions. What brand of coffee would you try if a friend highly recommended it? Amazon feels the same. Products that consistently garner five stars from buyers demonstrate their reliability and popularity on Amazon. It’s the equivalent of a resounding approval from your peers!

Competitive Pricing

Amazon understands that its customers value low prices as much as it does. Your product will be more likely to stand out if it provides excellent value or the optimal combination of quality and cost. Imagine entering a store and discovering first-rate goods that don’t break the bank. Amazon’s Choice label is intended to draw attention to deals like those.

Low Return Rates and Fewer Order Defects

It’s frustrating to make a purchase and then have to send it back. If your product reliably fulfills its advertised function while causing less trouble for buyers and Amazon, you’re on the right route. It’s like having a trustworthy buddy who always follows through on their word.

Inventory and Fulfillment Efficiency

Have you ever been excitedly awaiting a shipment only to be told it would be delayed or out of stock? I know it’s frustrating. Amazon knows these feelings too. Products that have a consistent supply and ship out quickly and without issues demonstrate mastery of the Amazon marketplace. It’s the equivalent of always showing up on time and being ready to go—two qualities that usually get noticed.

How can you increase your chances of getting the Amazon’s Choice badge? 

So, for the clients who used to ask us to get them Amazon’s choice badge, it’s not easy peasy. To get that badge, 

  1. Your product should be top-notch because customer reviews matter a lot. 
  2. Keep your price competitive because nobody likes to overpay. If your customers feel valued, they leave positive feedback, and Amazon will love it.
  3. Make sure your product is consistently in stock and ships out promptly.
  4. Make sure your product listings are well optimized and the keywords are in your product title, description, and backend keywords. 
  5. Maintain quality so that customers won’t return the products more often. Because returns are the bummers to Amazon. 
  6. Engage with your customers and reply promptly to their questions. 
  7. Stay consistent. Keep monitoring your product’s performance, reviews, and stock levels. Consistency is the key!

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Why do you want to earn Amazon’s choice badge? 

My first question to clients who are eager to have their products labeled as “Amazon’s Choice” is always a simple one: “Why do you want this badge so much?” Often, they believe it’s a golden ticket to higher visibility, trust from customers, increased sales, and ultimately, greater profits.

But then I question their point of view. “What if,” I say, “we could boost your profits without chasing after the Amazon’s Choice badge?”

Here’s the truth: earning the badge may seem like a requirement for success, but it’s not. In reality, a lot of things do rather well even without this label. Why? Because these awards are decided by algorithms, which have in the past occasionally given their stamp of approval to low-quality products, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC, for example, have both reported on occasions where recommendation algorithms failed to live up to their promise and recommended products that fell short of customers’ expectations.

Another Truth about Amazon’s choice badge

Did you know that Amazon will award a product the “Amazon’s Choice” label not necessarily for its superiority but rather for satisfying certain keywords? The label may appear for a product that is a top pick for a very particular keyword, such as “green zig-zag shoelaces,” but not necessarily for shoelaces in general.

My advice to clients is to put less emphasis on collecting such labels and more on creating a brand that customers associate with quality, reliability, and satisfaction. That is the true key to sustainable success on marketplaces like Amazon.

This is why Amazon’s Choice” badge is now replaced with “Overall Pick” 

Amazon's choice is converted to overall pick

Have you seen the latest update to the Amazon’s Choice badge? 

The “overall Pick” badge will take its place. No one knows why Amazon made these changes, but it’s not hard to guess.

Feedback and Controversy

“Amazon’s Choice” got negative attention or was connected to problems, like promoting low-quality products, as we already talked about. Amazon might change the label to fix the problem and improve its image.

Better clarity

The phrase “Overall Pick” may seem more simple; it means that the product is a top pick for a number of reasons.

User Experience (UX) and Engagement

Companies often do A/B tests on different labels and features to see which ones people like better and which ones get them to engage or buy more.

Changes in strategy or rebranding

Amazon may be changing how they show off recommended products as part of their ongoing evolution.

Competitive Landscape

These kinds of changes can also be caused by copying or separating from the features or labels of competitors.

The Role of eComFist in Expanding Your Amazon Brand

The role of ecomfist in furnishing your Amazon brand

To ensure your brand’s success on Amazon, eComFist will utilize its extensive familiarity with the platform.

In order to increase the likelihood of your products being selected as Amazon’s Choice, our team of seasoned professionals works relentlessly to ensure they are optimized in terms of quality, pricing, customer support, and delivery time.

Among the many services we offer are the optimization of product listings, full seller central management, Amazon advertising, Amazon SEO, and so on. Our goal is to help you position your products so that they not only qualify for an Amazon’s Choice badge but also go above and beyond what your target audience is expecting. eComFist is an investment in the future success of your Amazon-based eCommerce business.

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