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Top tips for selecting the best Amazon consultant to scale your business 

Top tips to select the best amazon consultant to scale your business.
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Why hire an Amazon consultant? 

The answer lies in the specific challenges and hurdles you face as an Amazon seller. Whether it’s battling account suspensions, juggling complex advertising PPC campaigns, combating counterfeit issues, or managing extensive inventories, the Amazon jungle demands expertise. Even smaller obstacles like listing optimization, Amazon SEO, or algorithm changes require the right guidance. With fierce competition lurking, you can’t afford to stumble. 

I just named some, but there might be others. And if you can’t get your head around that issue, you just need someone experienced to do it correctly. 

However, while finding the right expertise, beware of the jungle of Amazon consultants. Among the true experts, there are some driven simply by money, ready to lead you wrong. 

But before you submit the query “Amazon seller central consultant” in the Google search box, read the advice below on finding the appropriate Amazon consultant to navigate this strange landscape

What does an Amazon consultant do?

What does Amazon consultant do?

An Amazon consultant is a skilled professional who provides guidance and help to sellers striving to maximize their success in the marketplace. They offer strategic insights, market knowledge, and personalized solutions to help sellers overcome problems and reach their business goals.

In the vast universe of Amazon, consultants may help you deal with many important aspects of your business. They may provide you following services

In short, they evaluate data, stay updated with Amazon’s policies, and apply successful strategies to optimize your sales, improve ranks, and enhance the overall performance of sellers’ accounts.

Tips to choose an Amazon FBA consultant 

Top tips to choose the best amazon consultant.

Must ask yourself the following questions before hiring an Amazon fba consultant.

1-Does he has a deep understanding of Amazon seller central management?

Regardless of why you need a consultant, all of your issues will ultimately center on Amazon’s seller central. No matter the nature of the issue at hand, whether it be marketing, inventory, listing, or management, the solution must involve seller central. Because, in the Amazon industry, all problems are interconnected.

Now, the important question arises: can the consultant actually give end-to-end Amazon account management services? You should focus your interview questions with him on the following subjects.

2-Is he good at Amazon SEO?

Probe the expertise of Amazon SEO consultant

Don’t underestimate the ranking on Amazon.

When selling on Amazon, your success depends entirely on your product’s ranking and visibility in relevant search results. So, Amazon SEO expertise is crucial. On top of that, Amazon’s ranking system takes a wide variety of factors into account. You need an FBA consultant who has expertise in search engine optimization and other ranking factors.

A competent Amazon SEO consultant will have easy access to and routinely employ Amazon-specific SEO tools. Several examples of such tools are MerchantWords, AmzTracker, Jungle Scout, AmzScout, and Helium10. Ask any potential consultants you’re interviewing which Amazon keyword tools they use and why they like them.

3-Does an Amazon consultant have a previous record of Amazon sales?

Must acquire your Amazon consultants’ practical results.

Usually, consultants are happy to share not just a story but a lengthy account of how they assisted another person and demonstrated their superior knowledge and skills. But what really counts are tangible outcomes like increased profits, increased sales, a stronger revenue-to-cost ratio, and novel approaches to difficult challenges.

For this reason, it’s important to ask your consultants for insights on how they’ve assisted previous clients in accomplishing their goals and to continue questioning once they’ve shown and explained their approach. 

In addition to this, you must check if they run their own Amazon business. You can trust that an Amazon consultant who also runs his or her own Amazon business will have insights and experience gained through experimentation and failure that a consultant with no business in the Amazon marketplace will lack.

So, what should I check in this part:

  1. Track record of previous clients
  2. Whether the consultant owns his Amazon business

4-Understand his range of Amazon services

Amazon consultants offer a range of services, but their expertise can vary.  However, some consultants shine at one particular Amazon service more than others. See if the Amazon expert you’re considering really knows what they’re talking about before you hire them. 

Suppose you have engaged a consultant to help you with your product launch. However, he is more familiar with advertising on Amazon. But he claims to be an expert in product launches when, in reality, he is neither an expert nor an Amazon seller. There is a high chance that he will provide you with misleading advice. That’s why it’s important to look for a detailed breakdown of a particular service from the consultant.  

On the other hand, the likelihood of failure may go down if the consultant has their own Amazon FBA agency with support from a variety of specialists. 

5-Can he provide you with customized strategies and solutions?

can Amazon consultant provide you with customized strategies and solutions_

There are a few key signs to look for to see if an Amazon consultant can offer customized strategies and solutions. 

  • First, evaluate the consultant’s listening and understanding skills during your initial consultations. A consultant who takes the time to learn about your project’s particular goals, challenges, and market may more effectively help you.


  • Second, ask the consultant how they create strategies. Ask them about the data they collect, the research they do, and the analysis of their competition. The likelihood of receiving customized solutions that are in line with your business goals increases when working with a consultant who stresses the need for in-depth research and analysis. They should also be able to elaborate on how they modify their approaches depending on factors such as your business’s sector, product kind, and target market.


If the Amazon consultant satisfies these two demands, you should hire him. Otherwise, you may encounter a consultant you ask to “please find me a well-researched product for launch” who may instead provide you with a product he has already given to another client.

6-Can he advise you on Amazon’s PPC advertising strategy? 

Achieving success with Amazon advertising, or PPC, is no walk in the park. It’s not simply a matter of creating a campaign on the platform; that part is relatively straightforward and accessible to anyone. The real challenge lies in conducting thorough research on competitive keywords and employing strategic keyword tactics to yield results. Surprisingly, keywords with low search volume can sometimes outperform those with high volume in terms of generating sales and securing top rankings.

So, check two important aspects of the consultant’s expertise:

  1. Ask about the results they have achieved for previous clients, such as improved click-through rates, higher conversion rates, or increased sales.
  2. Ask the Amazon consultant about their familiarity with Amazon-specific advertising tools and platforms. Inquire about their strategies for targeting relevant keywords, optimizing ad placements, and optimizing your advertising budget. 

7-Check his communication, collaboration, and transparency.

To check the communication, collaboration, and transparency levels of your prospective Amazon consultant, just ask the questions below and probe him on the basis of them.

  1. How frequently can I expect updates and progress reports from you? (communication)
  2. How do you involve your clients in the decision-making process? (Collaboration)
  3. Will you provide detailed reports and insights on the progress and results of your past client’s project? (Transparency)

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How much does an Amazon consultant cost?

partnership with eComFist - amazon consulting agency

It depends on the level of expertise of the consultant and the complexity of your project. For example, once a client hired eComFist for campaign management strategy formulation for his one product, we charged $300 on discount. However, another client engaged us for an account audit of their 30 products to boost their sales; we charged $5000. In the same way, a client engaged us for managing his brand of 17 products, we have been charging $1000 each month. You can read the complete case study of this client. So, how much an Amazon consulting agency will charge depends on how hard your project is.

Bottom Line 

By absorbing these valuable tips, you’ve likely acquired a deeper understanding of how to assess the expertise of Amazon consultants. If you’re adept at hiring, you’ll delve into their background, examine their proficiency in various Amazon services, and gauge their transparency and integrity. With these skills, you can swiftly investigate and uncover the right consultant for your needs. 

Ready to outshine your competitors? Our Amazon consultants are here to propel your business to new heights. Don’t wait; contact us and hire us!

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