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Why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle? 

Why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle
Linda Heidi


We are all sick of getting the same paycheck every month and would much rather have a passive income stream that will allow us to save up for our future. You are probably one of those people. After all, who doesn’t love an extra stream of income? 

These days, Amazon FBA is growing at a rapid pace. Even more people are taking it up as a side hustle. The question, “Why is Amazon FBA a big side hustle for most people?” is understandable. Well, that’s due to a variety of factors. You never know when that side gig could become a major source of income!

If done correctly, selling on Amazon FBA can still be an income-generating pursuit in the year 2024. It is possible to develop a profitable FBA business, but there is no magic formula or quick ticket to Amazon glory. Guess where it all starts? There are a lot of things involved. Yes, depending on the product you choose.

But let me give you the ‘why’ explanation, and then I’ll give you my example of how I made a millionaire business. 

Why choose Amazon FBA as a side hustle? 

The way businesses work is based on the law of supply and demand. For Amazon FBA to work well, it needs a lot of people wanting to buy things. And guess what? Many people love using Amazon!

Stats about why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle
Image source: Fit Small Business

Here are some cool facts:

  • 38% of people in the U.S. like to shop on Amazon the most.
  • There are a whopping 1.9 million sellers on Amazon, and more than 300 million people shop there!
  • When Americans want to find stuff online, 61% of them start on Amazon, not Google! How surprising! 
  • Two-thirds of US shoppers really like Amazon and choose it over ETSY for its huge variety.
  • Almost everyone is using Amazon regularly, with at least half of them checking it out every week.
  • Amazon takes good care of its customers, and about 90% of customers are happy with the immediate help they get.
  • Most people finish shopping on Amazon in less than 15 minutes—that’s super quick!
  • In 2022, everyone thought Amazon was the best place to find awesome gifts online!

As always, Amazon’s mind-blowing numbers amaze us. The fact that sellers are still going strong and making money—and some have even branched out to other platforms—is even more astounding given the sheer number of sellers on the marketplace. Furthermore, there is still an opportunity for aspiring sellers to begin selling.

Is Amazon FBA a true source of passive income?

You must realise that in order to keep your Amazon FBA side hustle alive, you will need to put in consistent work and focus on specific areas.

Inventory management, shipping, and customer service are just a few of the time-consuming chores that Amazon FBA takes care of. However, in order to maintain a consistent stream of sales, sellers must still handle product sourcing, listing optimization, and advertising.

You may be able to automate some processes or outsource some jobs as your Amazon FBA side hustle expands, which might lead to even more passive income.

To succeed in this cutthroat sector over the long run, though, you must have an active presence and be flexible enough to respond to changes in the market.

Following are the challenges that you may face on this path:

1-Learning Curve and Initial Effort

Researching products, finding them, and learning the ins and outs of the FBA system are all part of the beginning steps required to set up an Amazon FBA business. For those new to online selling and the Amazon platform in particular, there can be a period of adjustment.

2-Research on the Market and Product Selection

Making smart product selections and performing extensive market research are two of the most important factors in achieving success in Amazon FBA. Maintaining awareness of industry changes and making appropriate adjustments to your product offerings may necessitate continuous work.

3-Ongoing Management

There is still continuous management required, even though FBA handles a lot of the order fulfilment. Being abreast of any changes to Amazon’s regulations or algorithms, as well as keeping an eye on inventory levels, are all part of this.

4-Competition and Market Dynamics

Competition on online marketplaces like Amazon may be fierce, and the e-commerce scene is always changing. Persistent marketing, optimisation, and response to market shifts may be necessary for success.

5-Difficulties with Scaling

It could take more work and some smart decisions to scale an Amazon FBA firm. You can find yourself with more work to do when your product range or inventory grows.

6-Outside Influences

The economy, changes in Amazon policy, and external market forces can all have an impact on an Amazon FBA business’s performance. It is crucial to stay informed and flexible.

Absolutely! If you’re enjoying passive income, it’s a given that some effort went into it. As your side hustle expands, so does the need for a bit of upkeep. If your schedule is tight, consider passing on the tasks and business responsibilities to eComFist – our Amazon account management service can handle all the maintenance work for you.

How important is it to choose the right product in the right categories? 

Right product to choose - Why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle

The reason behind this is really simple. When you join the cutthroat world of Amazon FBA, your product has to be tailor-made.

People might not buy much if you pick the wrong product—one they don’t actually need. This can be somewhat disappointing. It’s definitely not the kind of stuff that would land you on the cover of a magazine. Selling ice cream on a frigid Russian winter night is like attempting to do the same thing. People adore ice cream, but it’s not the proper moment because it’s freezing.

As a business owner, you’ll have a personal investment in the product you choose, so it’s important to get it right.

Here are some important questions to answer in order to understand your market:

  • Who is the target audience for your product?
  • How can you establish a rapport with these particular consumers?
  • Do you know who else is selling similar products on Amazon?
  • When compared to their products, how does yours appear?
  • what sets your product apart from the competition, and why should people buy it from you instead of your competitors?
  • What is the number of direct competitors you have, and what is their sales volume?
  • How many people are searching for terms related to your product, and how engaged are they?
  • Are particular topics tagged in a particular way?

Dig deep into best ways to find the trending products to sell on Amazon

After you’ve mastered your market, use these helpful steps to discover the ideal product:

  1. Explore product categories with high sales volumes.
  2. The most important thing is to find a solution, even if it’s just an inconvenience that people could have ignored.
  3. Find out if your product has demand.  You can use Facebook ads to test your hypothesis by targeting your assumed customer base and gauging their actual interest.

Read more about which popular Amazon items you should choose to make a substantial profit in the coming years.

Which product category should I sell products in on Amazon? 

For generating good passive income, the important thing is that you choose the right product in the right category. Selling on Amazon doesn’t have a single “ultimate” profitable product category because the success of a product depends on many things, such as price, demand, and competition. To shed light on what has been popular, let’s examine some statistics and patterns.

Choose the right product in the right category - Why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle
Image source – Statista

The most popular category as of July 2023 was “Home and Kitchen,” which accounted for a fantastic 35% of overall sales. Given the ever-present need for these kinds of home and kitchen necessities, it’s hardly surprising. But the surprising thing is that the “clothing” category took centre stage by the end of September 2023, accounting for an astounding 64% of total sales across all categories. So, there is no lasting fame in this world. 

Let me get this straight — the “best” Amazon selling category is like a changing target. It is critical to be alert to product opportunities, to research the market thoroughly, and to know what clients want. Fashions change, competitors rearrange their positions, and customers’ tastes develop with time. In order to find the ideal product for your Amazon FBA business, it is important to be updated. 

How do I be successful at Amazon as a seller? 

Ditch those who say that you can’t be successful on Amazon FBA.

In the past, Amazon FBA was considered a way to make fast money. At the beginning, there was less competition, so any product might get seen and purchased.

Without any concern for product selection and branding, people may easily launch their businesses and start making good money.

In only a few short years, Amazon has grown into an enormous marketplace that millions of people visit every single month. Here, the market’s potential has grown, but so has the level of competition.

The reality is that you won’t get “rich overnight” from this type of business; rather, you may expect a lengthy process. In reality, the quickest way to start making money using Amazon FBA (private label) is to pay off your initial investment, which will take around 60 days.

The individuals who began but have since left would be wealthy if there was an overnight formula for success with Amazon FBA. But, like in any industry, the men who stick with it through the ups and downs eventually become wealthy (relatively speaking).

With Amazon FBA, you can not only make a living but potentially a fortune. Many beginners don’t know how to approach Amazon FBA correctly, so the percentage of those who make it through has been greatly lowered.

They are disappointed when they don’t see an immediate return on investment since they still view it as a platform that offers rapid investment with a quick return.

With Amazon FBA, you need to have a more methodical and patient approach. Once you’ve established yourself, the following stages will provide rewards if you do it well. You can expect expert Amazon consultants to guide you in establishing this successful business. 

The biggest reason for sellers facing failure on Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA businesses might fail for a variety of reasons. Many more are available here:

  • There is insufficient funding to launch the business.
  • There is a lack of demand for the product because it is not appealing to consumers.
  • You are clueless when it comes to advertising your products in person or on social media.
  • There is an excess of competitors in your specific market
  • Neglecting to conduct proactive product research
  • Failing to locate and work with a trustworthy vendor
  • The products your clients want are available elsewhere for less money, and your pricing is too expensive.

Why most of the Amazon FBA sellers fail?

In many niches, the market is oversaturated, which is the fundamental difficulty.

The reason behind this is that the surge in Amazon sales has persisted, and now everyone is eager to cash in on what is supposedly “passive” income by selling their products on the platform.

Could it be? “Absolutely not!”

The giants of Amazon business at Amazon brought this whole mess upon themselves. By oversimplifying the facts, they lead readers to believe that it is only a means of making huge money—a way to make easy money, rather than a full-fledged business. 

Their words come out as “why not get some extra dinero?” This is the wrong way to go about things, and typically, these sellers have only stayed for a couple of months at most. Eventually, they leave.

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Why not draw inspiration from my Amazon FBA journey?

 Due to my analytical skills and the advice of mentors who make $50,000 to $200,000 per year through Amazon FBA, I was able to achieve tremendous success in this field. I didn’t magically become successful; rather, I overcame obstacles, learned from my mistakes, collaborated with seasoned professionals, and managed hundreds of client items in my Amazon agency. 

I am currently in a position where my firm is generating millions of dollars. 

Here is the summary of 10 important lessons to learn before start your Amazon FBA business 

My Amazon FBA success - Why should you start Amazon FBA as a side hustle

So what….

To sum up, anyone looking for financial flexibility and entrepreneurial fulfilment can find game-changing success by entering into the Amazon FBA market as a side hustle. Amazon FBA provides a welcoming entry point into the e-commerce world, where your passion may become a profitable business. Just think of how great it would be to be able to work whenever you choose and see your stuff sold all over the world. We should act now, right? Join me on this thrilling adventure as I unleash my imagination and witness as my side hustle elevates not just your money but also your sense of personal fulfilment.

Contact us! Enjoy making sales! and try to make double sales with us.

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