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Top selling products on Amazon in 2024

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Before launching an Amazon FBA business, it is necessary to conduct thorough research. So that you could stay informed of items that are in great demand for online sales. Why? Stocking your store with popular items attracts more people and boosts profitability. Sadly, staying updated with top-selling products on Amazon may be quite challenging due to the ever-changing nature of popularity.

Here is a list of the 35 most popular products expected to be sold with huge profits in 2024, compiled from our research to help you make a decision. These products are in high demand in a number of different niches. So, let’s explore them one by one. 

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What type of items should I sell on Amazon? 

If you wish to enter the world of Amazon FBA Private Label, remember that your product shouldn’t be a clone of what everyone else is selling. It’s like bringing the same dish to a potluck—not cool. Aim for something in high demand but not in a crowded market. Be the unicorn in a field of horses!

So, DIFFERENTIATE YOUR PRODUCT. Your product should stand out, like a cat in a dog park. But here’s the kicker – that uniqueness has to meet the needs of customers that other sellers are missing out on. It’s not just about being different; it’s about being the hero that saves the day.

How to differentiate your products on Amazon


Now, if your product is a copy-paste job, well, brace yourself for a price war. Nobody wants to be in a budget battle – it’s like fighting over the last slice of pizza at a party. Plus, you might find yourself burning money on Amazon PPC, and trust me, hiring a PPC expert won’t magically make it rain sales.


So, take a glance at our list of products. They’re not just novelties; they’re cool products fulfilling demands that’s beating the other sellers on Amazon . 

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Top-selling products on Amazon

Followings are the top-selling products that are hotter than a summer barbecue! Dive into the sea of demands and find out yours!


1- Twizz Cup

Twizz Cup - 1st Top selling product on Amazon

These days, people are always looking for new-design travel cups. The majority of YouTubers seem to buy it and promote it. This cup is amusing since it doesn’t have a cover and you can twist it so that the liquid inside doesn’t spill or drip. It has a straw as an extra accessory.

Selling this product is a dream come true for a number of reasons, including:

1. The demand is high

2. There is hardly any competition.

3. Competitors are dropping the ball on quality and the perfect 300-ml size.


Seize the moment in 2024 and sell this product on Amazon FBA! Be the seller who not only meets the demand but also nails the size and quality game. Be the differentiator in this product. Shine bright in a market where others are missing the mark—it’s your time to stand out and sip success!

2-Secret Water Bottle 

Secret Water Bottle - Top selling products on Amazon

This type of water bottle may look ordinary, but it comes with a secret little compartment at the bottom for hiding small items. The remarkable part? There’s a substantial demand for these products, and they’re flying off the shelves, with even newbie sellers making significant sales. 

3-Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan - Top selling products on Amazon

Sales of this product have gone through the roof in the last several months, with fresh sellers even topping 500 units sold. With all of the little spaces it provides, it’s a great organizer. A wide variety of this product is available on the Amazon marketplace, including designs for kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, and refrigerators.

As buyers show a need for various patterns and styles, product reviews provide a chance for improvement. Size is another issue that many clients have, and they often ask for a Susan or other table-specific organizer to help them arrange their dishes more effectively. To achieve success with this product, it is important to excel in this element.

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4-Leak Locks

Leak proofer on Amazon

What do you think about this product? 

This leak-proof travel container is a solid product with impressive sales on Amazon, but is it a good option for those just starting out?? 


While some new sellers are cashing in on this item, there isn’t much room for improvement. Therefore, it might be advisable to steer clear of it for the Amazon FBA private label.  


For the Amazon FBA private label, it could be best to avoid it. However, the idea is fresh and might be a great springboard for research and development of an enhanced product.

5-Adjustable Measuring Spoon


I think this product has made a huge difference in the lives of those who love cooking because of how versatile and convenient it is. As a result, it has skyrocketed in sales compared to the old-fashioned method of using multiple measuring spoons. The remarkable improvement of individual adjustable measuring spoons is the driving force behind this replacement. 

Measuring spoons - Top-selling products on Amazon


To make it stand out from the competition, think about adding unique touches or using unusual materials. Make it easier and more pleasant to operate by including user-friendly design features like ergonomic handles or an easier adjustment mechanism.

6-Scrub Daddy Sponges

Scrub dishes sponges on Amazon

It seems like a simple sponge, but it’s making a great deal on Amazon. These sponges typically feature a combination of a soft sponge side and a scrubbing side, providing versatility for different surfaces and types of grime. The convenience of having a two-in-one tool simplifies the dishwashing process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

So, what made it different than the simple sponges?

  1. It has two features – soft sponge side and scrubbing side
  2. It comes in different colors within different shapes and faces, which makes the boring kitchen work more pleasing.

You can get an idea from it about how to make a product unique and different from the others by making simple improvements. 

7-Height increase insoles

Height increase soles on Amazon

1st heels were discovered to remove the height issue. But now there are different types of soles that you can wear with your shoes on. Some soles are for full feet, while others are for half feet. They are made of different materials. So, the amazing thing is that these soles can be inserted in any footwear, making it easier for people to stick to just high-heeled shoes.


Look at the various soles that are depicted above; they are made of different materials and meet different demands. If you were to private label this product on Amazon FBA, what improvements would you make? 

8-Sticky phone sticker

Phone sticker on Amazon

Also, this product is selling like hotcakes on Amazon. 

People tend to shoot their photos all over the place, but a tripod isn’t exactly a portable accessory. During that period, our grippy, sticky phone cover is functional. Not painted walls or the usual normal American bedroom and closet doors, but the mirror looks fine with the windows and granite. 


With this offering, fresh sellers are pulling in the cash. If you really put some thought into it, you can find ways to make this product better. 

Methods for Determining What to Sell on Amazon

After you’ve settled on your shipping budget and established that your product is probably priced reasonably, the next step is to choose an item to sell. To assist you in refining your search, we have provided five methods:

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1-Conduct Manual Keyword Research


Learn about customer preferences and trends by exploring the world of keywords. Use the search box on Amazon and look for products that match your criteria by exploring similar terms. To get a feel for demand and happiness levels, watch search traffic and customer reviews.


2-Utilize Chrome Extensions for Niche Market Research


Put Amazon seller-centric Chrome extensions to work for you. You can learn a lot about the niche market’s competitors, product performance, and sales projections with the help of tools like AMZScout, Jungle Scout, or Helium 10. In order to make educated choices, you need to analyze data such as monthly sales, reviews, and prices.

3-Find a Gap in the Market


Recognizing unfulfilled demands or underserved client segments is the first step in locating a market gap. Find the places where current products are lacking and think of ways to innovate so that customers have an even better experience. This may necessitate the introduction of whole new solutions or the improvement of existing ones.


4-Seek Products with Moderate Competition


Products with high demand are appealing, but dealing with the intense competition is not easy. Find a happy medium by going with products that aren’t too competitive. This way, you can get your foot in the door without getting blown away by the big dogs.


5-Search for Categories with At Least Three Results with BSR


If you want to see how well a product is doing in its category, you should look at its Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Determine which product categories have three or more high-scoring items according to BSR. This bodes well for your product choice since it suggests robust demand and sales potential.


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Time to start selling 

You may make a ton of money selling things on Amazon, but if you want to be a real success, you need to have unique, reasonable items that nobody else is offering.


You shouldn’t sell on Amazon just to sell on Amazon; the site is oversaturated, making it harder than ever to stand out. You should instead focus on making sure you can actually contribute anything worthwhile.


If you already have a product in mind, you can focus your strategy and identify a specific subset of a larger market by applying the tips mentioned above. Get down to brass tacks if you’re stuck for ideas: what are the top Amazon search terms? Which products are selling the best? Get ideas from the products listed above.


After compiling a list of potential products based on keyword research, think about related products that customers could find more appealing or helpful than the ones on Amazon right now.


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